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HPV Vaccine Research vs. HPV Vaccine Reality

From: Research to Reality – National Cancer Institutes —————————————————————- L.J replied on Thursday, February 20, 2014 – 4:14pm And I would like to draw attention to a “Dear Colleague” letter that was just released. The American Academy of Family … Continue reading

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Comments on Measles Exposures in New York

What are the serious implications of a “simple” exposure to a case of measles?   An unvaccinated student with measles leaves a long trail of exposure without even realizing the impact on those around him or her. From Pedatrics – Written … Continue reading

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Instant Childhood Immunization Schedule

Get the best protection for your child—make sure your child is immunized on schedule. For a complete list of recommended immunizations, just select your child’s birth date. Instant Childhood Immunization Scheduler

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Infant Dies at 38 Days But Her Story Tries to Save Lives

Originally posted on Shot of Prevention:
After five years and four miscarriages, Katie and Craig Van Tornhout celebrated the birth of their daughter Callie.   Although she arrived a few weeks early, she was truly their miracle baby.  But their joy quickly turned to grief when a disease called pertussis,…

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