The Shots Book

The Shots Book

The Shots Book; A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale

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is an illustrated children’s book written by a kid for kids that explains how vaccines work, how they protect our health, and protect the health of others in our community. The “little brother”, Ethan, featured in the documentary, Invisible Threat, tells his real life story about discovering the importance of herd immunity when his new puppy, who was too young to be vaccinated, gets sick. Ethan and his puppy become community immunity superheroes after getting their vaccines and give tips to make that doctor’s visit and becoming superhero a little easier for other kids. Sometimes it takes a kid to explain something to another kid. Book available July 2015 in a That was easyEnglish or Spanish Version

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    Hey Karen:
    May I get some more infant passports? Do we even have any? I can pick them up by my box at your reception office. Thanks.
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