Immunization Task Force Meeting Notice

Where:  FDOH Highlands County Sebring on 7205 S. George Blvd in the Large Conference Room A

Date:  Friday, March 27, 2015

Time:  12:30 pm

Bring your own lunch (and popcorn if you like)

Agenda:  Meet Karen G. Fowler – FDOH Operations and Management Consultant for Area 7 with news from the Immunization Program of the Bureau of Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection.

We will watch a 45 minute DVD movie the “Invisible Threat”.  This movie explores the science of disease and the risks facing a society that is under-vaccinated.

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One Response to Immunization Task Force Meeting Notice

  1. Holly Parker says:

    So sorry, we will be involved in the Poverty training at the civic center Friday. ☹ I hate missing these meetings and it seems I’ve missed several this year.


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