Two Excellent Resources for Moms and Babies!

The National Healthy Mothers, Health Babies Coalition is a great resource that targets helpful information for all mothers and those planning motherhood.  This group has partnered with Text4Baby.Org to send important health-related tips and reminders to moms.

About Text4Baby:  Women sign up by texting BABY or BEBE to 511411 to receive three free text messages per week throughout their pregnancy and baby’s first year.  The messages are personalized to the mother’s due date or baby’s birth date on topics including: nutrition, safe sleep, developmental milestones and more.  Evaluation results from a California State University San Marcos/University of California San Diego study of Text4baby participants show Text4baby facilitates increased communication with health providers, effectively reminds women of their appointments, and informs women of medical warning signs they didn’t know.  A separate George Washington University study found that Text4baby moms feel three times more prepared for motherhood than non-Text4baby participants.

With these resources all mothers are able to have information and advice from leading experts at their fingertips!

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