Comments Are Currency Buying Healthy Lives During Blogust ’13

Here is a great way to celebrate August as National Immunization Awareness Month!!

Shot of Prevention

blogust-blog-post-logoIt takes just a moment or two to post a comment on a blog.

But would you comment more if you knew that for every comment you made someone would purchase a life-saving vaccine for a child? 

How would you feel knowing that your comments are helping to give children around the world a shot at a healthy life?

Well, wonder no more. 

Thanks to a generous donation from Walgreens and the amazing collaboration between the Shot@Life campaign and 31 special bloggers, we introduce Blogust ’13.  In a blog post entitled “Passing the Torch”, Shannon Carroll explains how her involvement with Blogust last year resulted in 10,000 children being vaccinated.  Now, as Blogust ’13 launches today the impact is expected to be even greater.

Every day in August, a writer will share a story about a young person who is important in their life or an experience of their own at a certain age. On August 1st, a 1-year-old’s…

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